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Zebra_DatePicker, version 1.9.4 now available

Here’s what’s new in 1.9.4:

  • images now have their own folder instead of being mixed with the stylesheets; thanks to Maxime Pasquier
  • icon position can now be also set to the left of the element; thanks to Jennifer for suggesting
  • added possibility to easily apply custom classes to date ranges
  • see the newly added custom_classes property; thanks to Märt Tibar for suggesting
  • the library is now also available as a npm package
  • fixed a bug that made impossible to install the library via Bower

Visit Zebra_Datepicker‘s page

Zebra_Dialog, version 1.3.9 now available

Here’s what’s new in version 1.3.9:

  • added missing preloader.gif file to the “flat” theme; thanks to Juan for reporting;
  • replaced all instances of jQuery with $, for consistency and for making it easier to use with jQuery.noConflict(); thanks to Julio for suggesting;
  • fixes and additions to the bowser.json file, for better integration with Bower
  • examples now use jQuery version 1.12.0
  • dropped support for jQuery’s deprectated official plugins repository

Visit Zebra_Dialog‘s page

Zebra_TransForm, version 2.4.3 now available

Here’s what’s new in version 2.4.3:

  • the library now behaves correctly upon clicking a form’s “reset” button; thanks to Dan for suggesting this
  • fixed a bug where resizing the window would render all transformed elements unusable
  • some minor code optimizations
  • the library is now available as a Bower package
  • added integration with Grunt for automating JSHint & Uglify processes

Visit Zebra_TransForm‘s page

Zebra_Form, version 2.9.7 now available

Here’s what’s new in 2.9.7:

  • fixed a bug where when setting multiple dependencies for a single element, only the last one was checked
  • thanks to Jaco Roux, and another one where dependencies depending on radio buttons or checkboxes were incorrectly checked server-side
  • thanks Stone
  • fixed a bug with uppercase characters being removed from the “value” attribute of checkboxes and radio buttons, when created with the “radios” or “checkboxes” shorthand; thanks Samppa for reporting
  • fixed a bug where when having multiple conditions for a “dependencies” rule, the callback function was firing *only* for the last condition; thank to Jaco Roux
  • fixed a bug where having $ (dollar) sign in labels would lead to generating access keys, even if the $ sign was escaped, as stated by the documentation; thanks to Natalie for reporting
  • fixed a bug where the “length” rule was not working as expected with unicode characters in some scenarios; thanks to Olivier Rochefort for reporting
  • elements having the “email” rule set are now if “email” type, making them more friendly on mobile devices; thanks to Natalie for suggesting
  • elements having the “digits”, “number” or “float” rule set, will have their “type” attribute changed to “number”, making them more mobile-friendly
  • the “validate” method, callable from JavaScript, now takes a boolean argument which, when set to “false”, will prevent the showing of error messages when form does not validate; thanks to Shabeer
  • updated to Zebra_Datepicker 1.9.3; this also brings one new method: open_icon_only

Visit Zebra_Form‘s page

Zebra_cURL, version 1.3.2 now available

Here’s what’s new in 1.3.2:

  • fixed a bug with http_authentication method not working
  • fixed handling of edge case HTTP authentication
  • fixed a warning message when setting the callback function as a method of a class, but the method was not available
  • fixed bug with additional arguments not being passed to the get method
  • updated the “post” method so that now arbitrary strings can also be POST-ed (instead of key => value pair only); useful for POST-ing JSON; thanks Julian Zel
  • added possibility to unset previously set credentials for HTTP authentication
  • POST parameters are now in the response as an additional “post” entry in the response array, both as string and as an array (only for POST requests)
  • improved debug messages

Visit Zebra_cURL‘s page

Zebra_DatePicker, version 1.9.3 now available

Here’s what’s new in 1.9.3:

  • when the “value” attribute of the element is set, use that instead of “start_date”; thanks Vojtěch Biberle
  • fixed a bug where “header_navigation”, “lang_clear_date” and “show_select_today” properties could not be updated via the “update” method; thanks André Fiedler
  • fixed a bug where the paired date picker was not updated when users would manually enter a date in the first date picker; thanks Toby for reporting
  • icon position is now updated when changing orientation on mobile devices; thanks to chenghong for suggesting
  • added “clear_date” and “set_date” public methods; thanks Jason Davis for suggesting
  • added new “open_icon_only” property which, when set to TRUE, will result in the date picker showing *only* when users click on the associated icon, and not on element focus
  • dates prior to year 1000 are now disabled as this library cannot handle years below 1000
  • better comnonjs-support; thanks Stefan Schult

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