About me

Hello! I am Stefan Gabos, a 36 year old web developer working from Bucharest, Romania. I’m half Hungarian, stubborn, articulate, and slightly afraid of women.

I started coding when I was around 14 (that’s way back in 1994), and I am extremely passionate about it. I started coding in BASIC and then went on with Assembler and Turbo Pascal. In 1997 I started developing commercial applications using Microsoft Access. Since 2001 I’m developing exclusively for the web using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I am an incurable workaholic and a perfectionist. I have 12 years of experience using PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS and JavaScript and have been using these things since back when GeoCities was the most visited website on the Internet and the tag was cool. I am among the 6 people in the world who are not afraid of Internet Explorer 6.

I develop rock-solid PHP libraries and super-lightweight, highly optimized, bad-ass jQuery plugins and open-source them because I am a web developer even when I’m not at work. Everything is available on GitHub

I am into web site performance optimization (both server- and client-side) and I will burst into an evil laughter if you think image optimization stops at “Save for Web” in Photoshop.

I stay up to date with most of what’s happening in the web development scene.

When working, I listen to massive amounts of music – alternative rock, in general. When I am not working (it sometimes happens), I enjoy playing the guitar, sleeping, cooking, watching Formula One or a good movie.

I am currently head of developers at Kubis Interactive where I’m responsible, besides the usual chores of a web developer, for software architecture, team lead, technical guidance and support for a development team of 14. I also helped build the company from a 6-people start-up to the currently most successful web agency in Romania, with more than 60 employees.