40 thoughts on “Zebra_Accordion, a tiny accordion jQuery plugin

  1. Noir


    very nice little accordion with advanced features but without any bloat! Does something speak against adding an option to select the elements for the accordion head so that it isn’t hardcoded to and anymore?

    1. Stefan Gabos Post author

      it’s something I will consider for the next release, but for now you’ll have to hack the code for that 🙂 thanks!

  2. Rollout

    I have an anchor button in your dt, and dont want the anchor button to trigger the accordion when clicked. Presently, clicking on anything in the dt will trigger the accordion to open/close. How can I change the script to ignore a click on an anchor tag or anchor button in the dt? Thanks.

  3. Rollout

    I am using your accordion with a jquery tab plugin. When switching from tab to tab, the accordion is behaving as expected. If I switch to a second tab, refresh the page, then switch back to the first tab, the dd content is overlaying the closed accordion sections on the page- a visual mess. It appears that switching from the 2nd tab back to the first tab is not considered a page refresh by the .js script, and the accordion script is not re-calculating the height of the dd container on page redraw. I have put a temp fix in place by hardcoding the height of the dd container in the zebra_accordion.src.js file. Do you have a better solution so that I dont loose the calculated height of the dd container? Love the features and flexibility of this project.

  4. Aris

    The Accordion is very useful. Thank you.

    Because I am not an expert, can you instruct me in what place of my web site to put the CSS and the Function?

    Thank you again.


  5. Brian

    I have zebra accordion collapsed for screen viewing. Is it possible to print the accordion uncollapsed using print css?




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