Zebra_Datepicker, a lightweight datepicker jQuery plugin

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  • Rei, 2015-08-29, 18:51

    Cool datepicker, but not working with Windows 8.1 and IE11. Tested with this website. 🙁

    • Abhi, 2016-09-24, 15:23

      I’m using the same plugin with IE 11 in windows 8 and its working perfectly fine. may be you have not configured the plugin properly.

  • Ingo, 2015-09-07, 20:54

    Is it possible to close (not hide) the datepicker programmatically? The api seems to have no “close()” command.

    • PhiLho, 2016-09-12, 18:25

      That’s probably the destroy() method you are looking for.

  • julie, 2015-09-21, 16:34

    We’ve had some timezone issues with IOS. The site is on +12 hours in NZ and the page with the calendar freezes. However if we set the timezone on the local device to +10 hours all works fine.

    Any ideas

  • Ashot, 2015-09-21, 21:14

    Hi there,
    There’s a weird issue with DatePicker on iPhone 6 (looks like it’s iOS8-related); When tapping on a corresponding input field, the blue blinking cursor appears above the calendar itself, and it’s not a z-index issue. What’s the workaround for the problem?

  • Arch Stanton, 2015-10-22, 18:10

    Awesome plugin! Thanks so much for this outstanding little application!

  • Kompot, 2015-11-06, 19:51

    How can I initialize the picker from js code (given an initial date as a javascript object)? It seems I need to format it appropriately and set it to the input field. But I cannot do it because ‘format’ method seems to be private and there is no way to format a date to comply with the picker 🙂

    • PhiLho, 2016-09-12, 18:32

      1. You can set the format of the date yourself.
      2. It is rather trivial to format the JS date to any format.
      3. At “worst”, you can use a library like moment.js to format to any format.

  • Andrew Dove, 2015-11-27, 15:16

    I am developing for a website that uses zebra_datepicker. I need to use the date the user selects in the onSelect function.
    When the user selects a date, I need to dynamically enter that date into the onSelect function. Is this possible. How can it be done?

  • Abhi, 2016-01-28, 11:17

    I have implemented zebra-datepicker in angularjs 2 forms,when i select date and submit form,the control is not having the selected date.It is showing empty string even after selecting the date…How to get selected date from datepicker in forms please help.I have made a plunker demo here http://plnkr.co/edit/CnfFql4P1EVpdM4r1Q6y?p=preview

    • Stefan Gabos, 2016-01-29, 09:47

      Unfortunately, I do not know Angular so I can’t help you. As far as my plugin is concerned, it seems to work as expected – you select the date, and the date is shown in the input. But you have to sort out your Angular and your markup to figure out why the form is not submitted

  • Ingo, 2016-02-06, 14:15

    Hallo, very nice datepicker! Mybe the best! Your current version 1.9.4 of Zebra_Datepicker wird not run with Query 2.x. Any plan to fix this?

    • Stefan Gabos, 2016-05-16, 18:13

      I have yet to test any of my plugins on jQuery 2. I am developing for clients that use IE8+ so I’ve never even looked at jQuery 2

  • Ram, 2016-02-10, 16:15

    Is it really possible to change the language of the date picker ?

    • Stefan Gabos, 2016-02-10, 16:46

      It is, indeed, really possible! And it’s quite clear from the documentation how to do that…

        'days': ['Sunday', 'Monday', 'Tuesday', 'Wednesday', 'Thursday', 'Friday', 'Saturday'],
        'months': ['January', 'February', 'March', 'April', 'May', 'June', 'July', 'August', 'September', 'October', 'November', 'December'],
        'lang_clear_date': 'Clear',
        'show_select_today': 'Today'
  • Chandan, 2016-02-12, 16:32

    Hello, How can I enable only specific dates? For example: if I want to enable only these dates: 2014-01-11,2015-01-14,2015-02-14,2015-03-23,2015-04-12,2015-06-08 How to do it? Also how can I show the latest date on the calendar, from the example : With these dates: 2014-01-11,2015-01-14,2015-02-14,2015-03-23,2015-04-12,2015-06-08, I want to show June month on the calendar. Please help.

    • Peter Shaun, 2016-03-02, 01:51

      Use the enabled_dates and disabled_dates together. Make sure the format setting matches how you type in the dates, separated by commas.

  • Jonathan Calderon, 2016-02-22, 21:46


    Is there any step configuration to enable text entry when the user clicks on textbox and the zebra functionality when clicks on the calendar glyphicon?

    • Stefan Gabos, 2016-02-25, 17:16

      Set the “readonly_element” property to FALSE

    • Jonathan Calderon, 2016-02-25, 19:59

      Thanks so much!! This plugin is really awesome!!

  • Peter Shaun, 2016-03-02, 01:46

    Please provide formula syntax for my disabled_dates goals:

    1) No dates in Jun, Jul, Aug, Dec, Jan – every year – forever.
    2) Ad hoc disabled dates when a date is booked out.

    My format: ‘D d-M-Y’
    My disabled_dates: [‘* 1,6-8,12 *’ , ‘Wed 25-Nov-2016’] the first part does the job of goal #1 .. but I cannot get the Wed 25-Nov-206 to render disabled. Please advise on how best to accomplish the second goal. Thanks!

  • fs71gh, 2016-03-15, 07:33

    I cant make this awesome datepicker work on IE9 even though I have used the strict doctype () on my web page

    • fs71gh, 2016-03-15, 09:25

      window.onload = function(){


      This code successfully loads the datepicker in IE 10/11, chrome but not on IE9. What could be the reason? I need to make the picker all IE compatible

  • Tintu, 2016-04-01, 08:23

    When I set value in a zebra date picker using following code, calender icon went missing!!.Can anyone please help?

    • Stefan Gabos, 2016-05-16, 19:20

      Have you set the date format to “d-M-Y” ?

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