Zebra_Datepicker, a lightweight datepicker jQuery plugin

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  • Steve, 2016-04-25, 19:26

    In number 7. Is it possible to have the “end date” be the same as the “start date”? Example you choose monday for the start date and end date can equal monday and beyond. What would the direction value be? 1 is Tuesday and beyond but what would the value be for Monday and beyond.

    • Stefan Gabos, 2016-05-16, 23:03

      As per documentation, that would be setting “direction” to

  • Abdul Mujeeb, 2016-04-28, 09:22

    How to Convert In Hijri Zebra Calender?

  • Chien, 2016-05-20, 10:39

    Is zebara-datepicker support multi language? Example japanese version

    • Stefan Gabos, 2016-05-20, 14:08

      Look into the configuration options – there you are able to set the month/day names and their abbreviations

  • Vishal, 2016-05-23, 14:38

    how can i use it after ajax call

  • Mayank, 2016-05-23, 15:07

    how to disable all dates coming after today dates

  • David, 2016-05-29, 21:57

    I have the “readonly_element” set to false, allowing users to type in dates. What I want to happen is the datepicker to change when the user types in a valid date. For example, if they type “02/02/2015” then the datepicker will display this date. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.

  • Fatih Doğan, 2016-06-17, 01:59

    Why my code doesnt work on the local?

    Zebra_DatePicker examples

    $(document).ready(function() {
    $(“.datepicker”).Zebra_DatePicker({ format: “d-m-y” });
    onSelect: function() {

    • Fatih Doğan, 2016-06-17, 02:01

      I added orderly default css, jquery 3.0.0 min.js and zebradatepicker.js

  • Sedat Tuğ, 2016-06-17, 14:08

    Hi. How can I change date format dd-mm-yyyy. Also how can I disable past date from 01-01-2015? The date is showing 17-06-16 to me.

  • Louis, 2016-07-21, 21:36

    Hi Stefan.
    I really am enjoying working with this great Zebra Datepicker.

    My question is, how can I add this to dynamcally generated form inputs? I wasn’t sure how to set up a listener in jquery, as the dynamic inputs load after the rest of the page.

    Thanks for any help or resources.

  • Arash, 2016-08-10, 15:10

    How can Hijri displayed?
    Is it possible to support and display multiple calendars?

  • Mystery, 2016-08-19, 18:59

    hi, How can I make it work on iPad. Looks like once it is open, it can’t be closed on just touching the screen around it. How can I close the calendar on button click

  • Markus, 2016-10-12, 17:30

    Hey Stefan,
    somewhere in the future, do you consider upgrade your great datepicker with an option to select multiple dates? For my project it is necessary to select severeal dates within a month or two, but not necessarily in a range.
    It would be great if selecting a range (by using the shift key) would nevertheless be possible.
    Not a very simple request, I know…

    • Stefan Gabos, 2016-11-22, 16:24

      Yes, I’ll consider this, but don’t promise anything…

  • Stephen Adelakun, 2016-10-25, 22:42

    I love this plugin but I need to use it in a modal. It is always appearing behind the modal. What can I do to bring it to the top?

    • Stephen Adelakun, 2016-10-25, 23:13

      Hello Stefan, I have the joy to tell you that the plugin works on BS modal. I just downloaded the latest version and set the css z-index attribute to something above 1150 which is the value for BS modal. Thanks for giving us this great plugin.

  • Balu, 2017-01-19, 12:50

    Ho w to use the arabic and chinese language version in zebra DatePicker.

  • Gregor, 2017-01-20, 14:09

    Hi Stephen
    Checked out your Datepicker today. THX great.
    Are you planning to add a time view anytime soon? So that you can start from the year view to the date view and than to a time view to get a date like this: 11/01/2013 12:00 AM



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