Zebra_Datepicker, a lightweight datepicker jQuery plugin

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  • Thomas, 2017-03-20, 11:02


    The datepicker is pretty cool!! I really like it!

    I want to use the calendar in a bootstrap enabled responsive design. Currently the calendar has a fixed width of 218px. Is there a way to get it responsive so it spans over a complete responsive column?
    Thanks a lot!

  • ali mahdavi, 2017-03-21, 08:47

    Hello,Thanks to all,
    I used version 1.9.0 when i resize browser (i use bootstrap css) it was Ok , In new version 1.9.4 when i resize window from md media to xs it get larger width (col-xs-12) as i want, but when i resize window from xs to md,the width of input box do not decreases. how can i solve it?

  • Ben Rosental, 2017-03-30, 11:24

    For some reason when i use the “d/m/yyyy” format it returns the date in a “d/m/yy” format. any idea?

    Thanks for great plugin!


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