394 thoughts on “Zebra_Dialog, a lightweight dialog box jQuery plugin

  1. Christian A ing.Sistemas

    very good !!! the best library in css and javascript I recomended these codes!! i like very much !! thanks for create great work, congratulation”!!!

    Facil de usar lo recomiendo mucho ya que me fue de gran ayuda para mis trabajos si pueden donar haganlo!


  2. ismail

    I am using the Jquery Zebra DatePicker, I am opening the form in zebra dailog and datepicker into it, but when dialog open, datepicker is opening at the bottom/back of the dialog..?how to solve it? Thanks…. very much

    1. Stefan Gabos Post author

      I do that on purpose, so it doesn’t has to constantly recompute everything on the fly, but only once, when it is opened. In real life scenarios – even considering orientation change – it is *very* unlikely that these things occur.

  3. Ian

    Thanks for this great plugin.

    Question 1: How do I apply CSS to the actual message within the box? For example, I would like the message to align to the right within the box

    Question 2: Is there a way for me to set the height of the box? There only seems to be an option to set the width in the CSS, and when I try to add “Height: 400px;” it does not do anything.

    Thanks for your time. I have made a Paypal donation.

    1. Stefan Gabos Post author

      you inspect the HTML and see what classes are used and you simply target them and add your CSS

      .ZebraDialog .ZebraDialog_Body {
          text-align: right;
          min-height: 500px;
  4. Paulo


    I love Zebra, but its possible resize Dialog window when browser window resizes? Can do it dinamically, in real time?


  5. Ritu

    Hi author,

    I am planning to use the Zebra_Dialog in one of wordpress plugin and this plugin is a commercial plugin. The Zebra Dialog is used to show to dialogs on a websites of customers who use my plugin. I am going to include your website and license details in my plugin source code.

    I am not going to modify you source code. Can I use this Zebra Dialog in a commercial plugin?


  6. George

    Looking around for a good Javascript dialog component. This seems to be really nice. The only thing missing from my purposes is an input dialog, aka ask the user for one or more inputs. Is this possible, or on the roadmap?

    1. Isuelt

      Same here. I was looking for a small modal to prompt a user for input. For my purposes I would like to have a text input field and a checkmark box.

      If this is possible please email me. For now I’m going to look at other modal plugins.

  7. Larry Wishon

    Hi Stefan,
    I didn’t see this in the documentation, but how would I make a redirect to another page on my site when a user clicks a button? I want to display a message, then when they click an “OK” button, it takes them to a different page.

  8. Erick

    Hi, I’m calling function this way


    but script seems do not stop as with pure javascript alert().
    In my case is a screen keydown or right mouse button verification to avoid user copy my content.

    With javascript alert(), user cannot click again or type ctrl or alt key before close dialog button, but with zebra appears a new instance of dialog and freezes. Script do not stop waiting close dialog.

    Is there any way of calling zebra function that stop script execution while ok button is not clicked?

    Thank you.

    1. Stefan Gabos Post author

      I am moving everything over to GitHub and closing the website. It will take me a couple more weeks

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