Zebra_DatePicker, version 1.8.9 now available

Here’s what’s new in 1.8.9:

  • added a new “header_captions” property, useful for customizing captions in the datepicker’s header, for the 3 possible views: days, months, years; thanks to Lodewyk and Ram for suggesting;
  • added a new “onOpen” event for executing callback functions when the date picker is shown;
  • users can now always use the next/previous buttons; thanks to Mozart for suggesting;
  • the “this” keyword in callbacks now correctly refer to the element the datepicker is attached to; thanks to syahman for reporting;
  • when having a date formats without year, the “years” view will not be visible anymore; thanks to MarkG;
  • the “onSelect” callback takes an extra argument – the ISO 8601 week number of the selected date;
  • fixed a bug when having non ASCII characters in month names; thanks to straightdog and Muhobrc for reporting, and to D-ominik for providing a fix;
  • fixed an issue with the “pair” attribute which, when given as a data attribute, would cause a JavaScript error; thanks to Domenico Giambra;
  • fixed a bug with the iFrame shim in IE6 which was not working as expected and “selects” elements where shown above the date picker; thanks to chenghong for reporting;
  • fixed a minor bug where the date picker would close for any key press not just for the ESC key; thanks to nacho for reporting;
  • fixed a minor bug where, when looking at the “months” view, the selected month would always be highlighted even if the user would switch years; thanks to Yoyee Zhu for reporting;
  • updated jQuery version in the examples folder to 1.11.1;

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