Zebra_DatePicker, version 1.9.3 now available

Here’s what’s new in 1.9.3:

  • when the “value” attribute of the element is set, use that instead of “start_date”; thanks Vojtěch Biberle
  • fixed a bug where “header_navigation”, “lang_clear_date” and “show_select_today” properties could not be updated via the “update” method; thanks André Fiedler
  • fixed a bug where the paired date picker was not updated when users would manually enter a date in the first date picker; thanks Toby for reporting
  • icon position is now updated when changing orientation on mobile devices; thanks to chenghong for suggesting
  • added “clear_date” and “set_date” public methods; thanks Jason Davis for suggesting
  • added new “open_icon_only” property which, when set to TRUE, will result in the date picker showing *only* when users click on the associated icon, and not on element focus
  • dates prior to year 1000 are now disabled as this library cannot handle years below 1000
  • better comnonjs-support; thanks Stefan Schult

Visit Zebra_Datepicker‘s page