Posted on 2013-12-21, 00:32

Zebra_Dialog, version 1.3.8 now available

Here’s what’s new in version 1.3.8:

  • fixed a bug where setting the “type” attribute to FALSE would not remove the left padding of the dialog box; thanks to Laurent for reporting
  • added “use strict” statement
  • added integration with Grunt
  • the library is now available as a Bower package

Visit Zebra_Dialog‘s page

3 responses to “Zebra_Dialog, version 1.3.8 now available”

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  • Richard Young, 2014-06-09, 18:10

    Great dialog plug-in, thank you!

    • shenminjie92, 2015-02-02, 05:35

      thank you!

  • jhon, 2015-05-18, 18:04

    Great dialog plug-in, thank you!


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