Zebra_DatePicker, version 1.8.6 now available

Here’s what’s new in 1.8.6:

  • added a new “strict” property which controls whether default values, in the input field the date picker is attached to, should be deleted if they are not valid according to “direction” and/or “disabled_dates”, and which is set to FALSE by default; previously the plugin was always removing such dates; thanks Morten;
  • fixed a bug width selectable dates of other months than the current one having an incorrect class attached to them; thanks to Khoomei for spotting this!
  • fixed a bug where when clearing dates of always-visible datepickers, the class indicating the “selected” state of cells was not being removed;
  • removed some old code that was used back when the calendar icon was absolutely positioned and because of which the calendar icon was invisible if the parent element was placed in a parent element with “display: none”; thanks to Michael Residori;
  • updated jQuery version used in examples to 1.10.2;

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Zebra_Database, version 2.8.3 now available

Here’s what’s new in 2.8.3:

  • fixed a bug with the connection credentials which were stored in a public property rather than a private one; thanks etb09;
  • fixed a bug with the output generated by the “write_log” method; thanks etb09;
  • fixed a bug where the “insert_bulk” and “write_log” methods would trigger a “strict standards” warning in PHP 5.4+; thanks etb09;
  • fixed a minor issue that could cause the library to trigger a warning (only when debugging was on);
  • log files can now be generated by date and hour; thanks etb09;
  • entries in log files now have correct indentation regardless of the used language file;
  • added German translation; thanks etb09;

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Zebra_DatePicker, version 1.8.5 now available

Here’s what’s new in 1.8.5:

  • properties can now be set via data attributes; thanks to Yuriy Silvestrov who suggested this a long time ago;
  • fixed a bug where if the “show_icon” property was set to FALSE an open date picker would not close upon window resize and therefore it would remain in an incorrect position if the parent element was to change position during the process; thanks Marco;

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Zebra_cURL, version 1.0.2 now available

Here’s what’s new in 1.0.2:

  • fixed a bug where the “type” argument of the “http_authentication” method could not be changed; thanks apmolsa;
  • fixed a bug where the “chmod” argument of the “cache” method could not be changed; thanks apmolsa;
  • fixed a bug where PHP’s htmlentities() function was accidentally being run on the response body of downloads;
  • the constructor now takes one argument specifying whether the response body should be run through PHP’s htmlentities() function;

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Zebra_Database, version 2.8.2 now available

Here’s what’s new in 2.8.2:

  • table names are now enclosed in grave accents for all the methods that take a table name as argument: dcount, delete, dlookup, dmax, dsum, get_table_columns, insert, insert_bulk, insert_update, select, truncate and update; this allows working with tables having special characters in their name;
  • minor performance optimizations in the debug console’s JavaScript code

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Zebra_Form, version 2.9.4 now available

Here’s what’s new in 2.9.4:

  • fixed a bug where submitted values were passed through PHP’s “htmlentities” function only if the element’s “disable_xss_filters” property was not set to TRUE, potentialy leading to some strange things when used together with some WYSIWYG editors;
  • fixed a bug where setting the “datecompare” rule to a date element would clear the default value (if any); thanks Edward;
  • fixed a bug dating back to June 02, 2011 (!) from when I ported the client-side validation from MooTools to jQuery and which broke the “emails” (with an “s”) rule; thanks to Edward;
  • fixed a bug with the caching of the captcha image; thanks Sebastian Popa;
  • the clientside_validation method now has a new property called “disable_upload_validation” which can be used for disabling any client-side processing of file upload controls; useful for using custom plugins to handle file uploads; thanks Ssekirime for suggesting;
  • changed how placeholders, prefixes and character counters are positioned and these are now relative to the parent element;
  • added lots of new mime types to the mimes.json file
  • corrections in the documentation, related to the “date” element; thanks Edward;
  • added Catalan language file; thanks WaKeMaTTa;
  • updated Zebra_DatePicker to version 1.8.4; this brings 1 new method called “show_select_today” and changes the name of the “always_show_clear” method to “show_clear_date”; see the documentation for the date element; also, this also changes the caption of the “Clear” button to “Clear date” and brings a new entry in the language file for the “Today” button;
  • the project is now available on GitHub and also as a package for Composer

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Zebra_Dialog, version 1.3.4 now available

Here’s what’s new in version 1.3.4:

  • added a new “center_buttons” property which when set to TRUE will instruct the script to center any available buttons instead of floating them to the right;
  • added a new “show_close_button” property which is set to TRUE by default and which displays the little “x” button in the top-right of the dialog box;
  • fixed a few issues in order to keep JSHint (reasonably) happy;
  • slightly increased performance due to optimal management of event handlers;
  • fixed an issue where some things that should’ve been done in CSS were done in JavaScript;

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Zebra_TransForm, version 2.4.1 now available

Here’s what’s new in version 2.4.1:

  • fixed a bug introduced in the previous list where resizing the window would brake the plugin
  • fixed an older bug where event handlers were attached to the original element over and over again upon the updates that occur when the window is resized
  • dropped the “update” public method
  • added a new “remove” public method, used for reverting replaced elements to their initial state
  • performance tweaks and code refactoring
  • updated source code so JSHint is now (almost completely) happy

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Zebra_DatePicker, version 1.8.4 now available

Here’s what’s new in 1.8.4:

  • added a “destroy” method; thanks TeckniX;
  • date picker now disappears upon window resize; previously it would remain in the same position upon window resize, even though the parent element could be repositioned in the process; thanks hanneslinder;
  • fixed a position bug that appearing in newer versions of Firefox where Firefox sets the “display” property of <input> elements to “inline” instead of “inline-block” as do the other browsers; thanks to discotizer;

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Zebra_DatePicker, version 1.8.3 now available

Here’s what’s new in 1.8.3:

  • fixed a bug where the plugin would freeze for certain combinations of disabled/enabled dates; thanks Yogesh;
  • fixed a bug where having two paired date picker with “direction” set to FALSE, the second date picker will not obey this rule once a date is selected in the first date picker; thanks Shane M;
  • fixed a bug where when having paired date pickers, the “Today” button was sometimes available although it shouldn’t have been; thanks Matt;
  • fixed some indenting issues and the scope of some variables; thanks W. van Kuipers;
  • fixed a few minor issues reported by JSFiddle’s JSHint;
  • minor update of source code regarding optimal usage of jQuery for creating the wrapper around the parent element;

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Zebra_Session, version 2.1.0 now available

Here’s what’s new in 2.1.0:

  • dropped support for PHP 4; minimum required version is now PHP 5;
  • dropped support for PHP’s mysql extension, which is officially deprecated as of PHP v5.5.0 and will be removed in the future; the extension was originally introduced in PHP v2.0 for MySQL v3.23, and no new features have been added since 2006; the library now relies on PHP’s mysqli extension;
  • because of the above, the order of the arguments passed to the constructor have changed and now the “link” argument comes first, as with the mysqli extension this now needs to be explicitly given;
  • added support for “flashdata” – session variable which will only be available for the next server request, and which will be automatically deleted afterwards. Typically used for informational or status messages (for example: “data has been successfully update”); see the newly added set_flashdata method; thanks Andrei Bodeanschi for suggesting!;
  • the project is now available on GitHub and also as a package for Composer;

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Zebra_Database, version 2.8.1 now available

Here’s what’s new in 2.8.1:

  • fixed an issue introduced in the previous release generated by the changing of the arguments order in the “query” method and which affected some of the library’s methods; thanks ziggy;
  • inversed the order of last 2 arguments of the “select” method (“calc_rows” now comes before “highlight”); if you were using this argument make sure to addapt your code; thanks Prathamesh Gharat;
  • fixed a bug where when setting a query to be highlighted the debugging console would actually open and show the respective query *only* if the library’s “minimize_console” attribute was set to FALSE; now it will work either way;
  • the “connect” method has 2 new arguments: “port” and “socket”; because of this, the “connect” argument is now the last argument of the method so make sure you update your code if you have to; thanks Corey;
  • proper declaration private and public variables;
  • some performance tweaks;
  • fixed some issues in the documentation; thanks Mark;
  • the project is now available on GitHub and also as a package for Composer;

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Zebra_TransForm, version 2.4.0 now available

Here’s what’s new in version 2.4.0:

  • fixed a bug introduced in the previous version due to which event handlers attached to the original elements got lost when replaced by the plugin
  • fixed a bug where event handlers attached by the user were executed *before* the event handlers attached by the plugin; this was especially troublesome with radio buttons and checkboxes where if one had an event handler for the click event for checking the state of the element, the response was always incorrect
  • fixed an issue where the selected value of a drop-down text would wrap if there was not enough space for it to fit in
  • fixed an issue where the selected value of a drop-down text would go under the drop-down’s “arrow” if it was too long
  • fixed another bug introduced in the previous release where radio buttons and checkboxes having right or top margin were not correctly replaced
  • fixed a few things as indicated by JSFiddle’s JSHint; thanks to Alex Alexandrescu for suggesting
  • increased overall performance
  • changed the look of the select box so it should now be more obvious that select boxes can be styled; thanks Sebastian Popa for suggesting
  • minimum required jQuery version is now 1.7.1

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