Zebra_Form, version 2.9.8 now available

Here’s what’s new in 2.9.8:

  • fixed a bug where the browser’s native validation engine would kick in for elements having the “email” or a numeric rule set, and another bug where the same elements (the ones having the “email” or a numeric rule set) were not checked server-side; thanks **Natalie** for reporting
  • fixed a bug with validating email and numeric fields
  • fixed an issue with placeholders not working for elements having the “email” ar any of the numeric rules set
  • added the “age” rule (see documentation)
  • added “range” rule for numerical values (see documentation)
  • fixed an issue where auto_fill was not working on email and numeric fields; thanks @bodiski!
  • fixed an issue with validating emails when the email address was *very* long and it contained a space or other invalid characters; thanks @ArneTR
  • added HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO header for detecting HTTPS requests; thanks @sebipopa
  • fixed a bug in the date element; thanks @pjjroux
  • fixed a bug with validating URLs having encoded characters in them; thanks Marty
  • fixed a bug where validation was not working for time controls
  • Updated Zebra_Datepicker to 1.9.5
  • added missing methods for setting properties of the date picker: container, custom_classes, default_position, icon_position and show_icon
  • minimum required PHP version in now 5.3.0, instead of 5.0.2
  • minor documentation update for the auto_fill method

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